Ozone cancer treatment


However many holes there are in the ozone layer, it can not compete with the number of holes found in ozone cancer treatment.

What is Ozone?

Ozone, or O3, is created when something akin to UV light splits an oxygen molecule (O2) into a pair of oxygen atoms, which then find O2 molecules and form ozone, or O3. Ozone is a powerful oxidizer; on decomposition the free radicals it creates can be a seriously destructive force, especially against biological material.

Ozone Cancer Treatment

A tumor is biological material. So it should follow that ozone would be an awesome anti-tumor agent, right? Well that's what its proponents would have us believe, despite the routine absence of any verifiable and reproducable evidence.

Instead, ozone cancer treatment generally comes down to what kind of device or contraption can a quack or charlatan build to convince vulnerable cancer patients that by submitting themselves to ozone will help them become cancer-free. Unfortunately, this is normally accomplished by charging the cancer patient several thousand dollars for an ozone-delivery device of some sort. It may mean standing in a bag of ozone, it may mean receiving an ozone enema like they do over at Gerson, it may mean pumping it into the bloodstream, vagina, ear—you name the entrance, an ozone device will claim to pump you full of it that way and kill tumors in the process.

Like so many quack alternative therapies, ozone cancer treatment isn't simply good for curing cancer—no, alternative treatments are never satisfied with addressing a single disease, instead they cut a broad swath across human disease and misery, hoping to catch as many vulnerable people in their web as possible. Thus ozone is touted as a cure for everything from Parkinson's Disease to HIV infection and beyond.

If you have questiions about ozone cancer treatment, approach your physician about it. Ask him or her their opinion.

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